View the research: RF exposure reduced brain amyloid-β (Aβ) “beta-amyloid” plaque deposits in Alzheimer’s disease mice

amyloid-plaques-720-540Research from peer-reviewed scientific journals:

“Electromagnetic Field Treatment Protects Against and Reverses Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer’s Disease Mice” [reduced brain amyloid-β (Aβ) “beta-amyloid” plaque deposits]

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 19 (2010) 191–210
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Review of the Evidence that Transcranial Electromagnetic Treatment will be a Safe and Effective Therapeutic Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 2016; 53(3): 753–771
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Transcranial Electromagnetic Treatment Against Alzheimer’s Disease: Why it has the Potential to Trump Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Development

Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease 32 (2012) 243–266
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“Transgenic mice as a model of pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease.”
Current Alzheimer Research 2011 Feb; 8 (1): 4-23   Abstract here.

“Electroencephalographic, personality, and executive function measures associated with frequent mobile phone use.”
International Journal of Neuroscience 2007; 117 (9): 1341 – 1360  Overview here.

“The effect of the duration of exposure to the electromagnetic field emitted by mobile phones on human attention.”
NeuroReport 2003; 14 (10): 1361 – 1364   Overview here.

“The effects of electromagnetic field emitted by GSM phones on working memory.”
NeuroReport 2000; 11 (8): 1641 – 1643   Overview here.

“Long-term digital mobile phone use and cognitive decline in the elderly.”
Bioelectromagnetics 2012; 33 (2): 176 – 185   Overview here.

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