Remarkable Technologies, Inc. collaborates with world-leading company NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc. in the mission to treat Alzheimer’s Disease; Phase I Clinical Trial commences

(FARMINGTON, CT)  Connecticut-based Remarkable Technologies, Inc. announced today its continuing support of Arizona-based NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc. — the world leader in the application of electromagnetic research and technology against Alzheimer’s disease.

Remarkable Technologies received a patent (U.S. 9,037,268) last year regarding the design of a head-wearable device that emits electromagnetic waves for therapeutic use.  NeuroEM has an exclusive license to Remarkable Technologies’ patented technology.  NeuroEM also developed a related device which is now being utilized in a Phase I clinical trial in Alzheimer’s patients.

Phase I Clinical Trial Commences

On December 6, 2016, NeuroEM announced the commencement of a Phase I clinical trial.  The trial involves treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with a wearable head device that provides transcranial electromagnetic treatment (TEMT) to the entire brain.  Banner Sun Health Research Institute and Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, both located in Phoenix, are performing this first-of-its-kind clinical trial.  The trial will last two months.

Eric Knight, founder and president of Remarkable Technologies, said, “We are abundantly proud to see NeuroEM take this bold and exciting step with the clinical trial.  Collaborating with the world’s leading company in this field gives us, in my opinion, the very best chance at tackling and treating Alzheimer’s.”

Dr. Arendash, CEO and president of NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc., said, “It is a pleasure to work with Eric Knight, one of the leading inventors in America.  Our exclusive license with Eric Knight’s company, Remarkable Technologies, will allow both companies to combine their innovations to ultimately create the optimum therapeutic approaches against Alzheimer’s.  We look forward to our continued combined R&D as our clinical trials roll out.”

Clinical Trial Details

The two-month Phase I clinical trial is based upon strong pre-clinical data by the study’s sponsor, NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc., showing the ability of the company’s patented electromagnetic technology to prevent and reverse memory loss in Alzheimer’s mice.

Several mechanisms not provided by any drug currently in Alzheimer’s clinical trials seem to be providing these cognitive benefits.  First, TEMT breaks down the small protein aggregates (amyloid oligomers) inside brain cells that are now thought to initiate Alzheimer’s development in the brain.  And secondly, TEMT dramatically increases the very low energy production of Alzheimer’s-diseased brain cells by enhancing their mitochondrial function – mitochondrial dysfunction is an early and critical event in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Aside from the pioneering technology being employed, the clinical trial is unique in that Alzheimer’s patients will be receiving their treatments in-home, as administered by their family caregiver.  The NeuroEM 1000 head device, worn twice daily for one-hour treatments, allows complete mobility of the patient for doing in-home activities.  Therefore, the patient does not need to be taken to a hospital or clinic in order to receive their daily brain treatments.

Scientific and medical details of the clinical trial can be viewed at

About Remarkable Technologies, Inc.

Remarkable Technologies, Inc., located in Farmington, Connecticut, was founded in 1994 by inventor and entrepreneur, Eric Knight.  His vision was to create a company that provides innovative products and services that enhance business and empower people — and those remain the company’s guiding principles today.  The company is actively involved in a diverse array of projects and programs that include medical systems, novel computer technologies, athletic training systems, aerospace initiatives, advanced RF-based systems, environmental “green” innovations, Internet-based business services, educational outreach programs, inventor-assistance programs, consumer-product innovations, and public service initiatives.  For more information about Remarkable Technologies, Inc., go to

 About NeuroEM Therapeutics, Inc.

NeuroEM Therapeutics is a clinical–stage medical device company focused on development of Transcranial Electromagnetic Treatment (TEMT) to treat neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Down’s Syndrome.  The company is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, which is a hub of both pre-clinical and clinical investigation into neurodegenerative disorders and diseases.  For more information about NeuroEM Therapeutics, go to